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The Aotearoa New Zealand Politics Network was established in 2014 to promote the development of Aotearoa New Zealand politics and to provide a supportive environment for academics and other interested parties in the field within Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you wish to the join the network and be a part of our mailing list, please contact Prof Janine Hayward (janine.hayward@otago.ac.nz).


Fiona Barker, Victoria University of Wellington.

Patrick Barrett University of Waikato

 Jennifer Curtin University of Auckland

Grant Duncan, Massey University 

Chris Eichbaum, Victoria University of Wellington

Geoffrey Ford, University of Canterbury

Lara Greaves, University of Auckland

Bronwyn Hayward University of Canterbury

Janine Hayward, Otago University

 Jennifer Lees-Marshment University of Auckland

Kate Nicholl, AUT University

Richard Shaw, Massey University

Claire Timperley, Victoria University of Wellington.

Jack VowlesVictoria University of Wellington, Chair

Sylvia Nissen, Lincoln University 

Brian Roper, Politics, University of Otago 

Edward Elder, University of Auckland

Jennifer Wilcock, University of Canterbury 

Matthew Gibbons, University of Waikato 

Kate McMillan, Victoria University of Wellington 

Julienne Molineaux, AUT University

Lindsey MacDonald, University of Canterbury

Karen Webster, AUT University

Andy Asquith, Massey University 

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