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Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

In recognition of the highly valuable service that some members put into maintaining the NZPSA, the 2013 AGM decided to institute a new honorary lifetime membership award. Those wishing to nominate a colleague for the award, please follow the rules and methods below.

  1. The nominee has retired from the University system;
  2. The nominee has been a member of the NZPSA for ten years or more; and
  3. The nominee has made a significant contribution to the organisation of the NZPSA (e.g. as a conference organiser or executive member, university representative, etc.)
To Apply

A potential candidate can be nominated and seconded in confidence by any current member of the NZPSA. Nominations are to be received by the NZPSA Executive Secretary via email no later than the close of business of November 1 in any given year. The executive will decide on a nominee’s eligibility and its decision will be final. The award consists of a certificate and free lifetime membership of the NZPSA. Successful candidates will be announced at the AGM in the same year.


NZPSA Bi-Annual Grant

At the 2013 AGM it was decided that we would establish a bi-annual grant of up to $2,000 for a project that will benefit NZPSA collectively or a significant part of it such as a Network, the Women’s Caucus or the Postgraduate Body. New Networks can be formed for the purpose of applying for funding by gathering ten NZPSA members together and contacting the Executive. NZPSA collectives and individual members are therefore invited to submit applications for project funding by 5pm 15 July 2018 to the President of the NZPSA who will establish a committee to assess them.

Ideas and rationale for projects
  1. The sorts of projects we might fund include postgraduate conferences or writing retreats, specialist workshops leading to a significant publication, travel to assist a keynote conference speaker or other events on key political issues linked to the NZPSA annual conference, etc. 
  2. The project should benefit a group of people (not just an individual) across institutions, thus offering benefit to the wider NZPSA community.
Rules for the 2018 Grant
  1. Funds for the project need to be claimed and spent by the end of 2019: after that any award will be withdrawn.
  2. Funds will be granted by bank transfer.
  3. Project holders will be asked to send two progress reports to the NZPSA President, the first by 21 November 2018 and the second by 1 November 2019 so updates can be presented on the project at the AGMs in November / December.
  4. Project holders need to send a full and final report on the project to the NZPSA President by 1 June 2020 including a budgetary statement accounting for funds spent, a list of participants, a description of the event, the benefits it brought to the NZPSA, and any longer term outcomes. Excerpts will be reported to the 2020 AGM.
To Apply

The next grant applications will be due to the NZPSA President by 15 July 2018. If no suitable project is presented, the grant will be offered in the following year. If the Committee determines that two equally worthwhile projects exist, the Executive will consider means to offer an equivalent grant for one of the projects in the following year.

Details to include in the application:
  • Project holders’ name(s), institution, position and contact details and short bio
  • Project title
  • Project aims
  • Project description
  • Proposed benefit to the NZPSA community and/or a significant collectivity within it
  • Amount requested
  • Budget

Australian PSA Award

APSA will provide the NZPSA President or nominee and one NZPSA postgraduate member free conference registration and a free conference dinner. In return we provide the APSA President or nominee and one APSA postgraduate member free conference registration and a free conference dinner. Australian postgraduates should submit their application to their own association.

In deciding between applicants for the postgraduate award to the APSA Conference, the Executive will consider the quality of the abstract, financial need and length of NZPSA membership. Its decision will be final. Details on how and when to apply are below.

Applications to the NZPSA Executive Secretary for the Australian PSA Conference are now open with the closing date of 1 August, 2017. On how to apply see below.

Canadian PSA Award

Two NZPSA postgraduates presenting papers at the Canadian PSA annual conference will receive free conference registration. In return, the NZPSA offers free conference registration to two Canadian PSA postgraduates presenting papers at our annual conference.

Applications to the NZPSA Executive Secretary for the 2018 Canadian PSA Conference are now open with the closing date to be advised. On how to apply see below.

UK PSA Award

The UKPSA offers up to one NZPSA members free registration, and  a contribution of around £500 towards travel and accommodation for their annual conference. In 2018 it will be held on 26-28 March 2018 in Cardiff.

All members in good standing are eligible to apply. Applications are made directly to the UK PSA via the PSA Annual Conference International Visitor Scheme Application form found on the grants page of the PSA website 

In return, one UKPSA member is also eligible for free registration at the annual NZPSA Conference, usual conference meals and up to three nights conference accommodation. Once a delegate is accepted for this award, the NZPSA will automatically accept the delegate's paper for the conference. The UKPSA selects the delegates in consultation with the NZPSA and the NZPSA Secretary then makes local arrangements with Conference Coordinators and the delegates. Priority is placed on postgraduates in their third year of study (at the time of the conference) and early career researchers as recipients, but the significant distance and funding required to attend can also be hurdles for postgraduate students. For these reasons many attendees are full time staff. All members are eligible to apply.

Applications for the 2018 UKPSA Conference to be held on 10-12 April 2017 in Glasgow will close on September 30 2017.

How to Apply for PSA Awards

For information on the timing of the conferences see our International PSAs.

Australian, UK and Canadian PSA members must apply to their own association.

NZPSA members interested in applying for these awards need to make an email submission to the NZPSA Executive Secretary, Dr Peter Skilling. You must include in your submission:

  • your CV;
  • name, affiliation, paper-title and abstract in a Word document;
  • evidence of acceptance of your paper for the Canadian Award and evidence of submission for the Australian Award if notification of acceptance has not yet occurred. Guaranteed acceptance of your abstract is a part of the UK award so just send your abstract; and
  • a short paragraph in the email outlining the reasons why you should receive the award e.g. if you are an emerging scholar, whether you have any other funding and the importance of the conference to your research. The NZPSA executive will take the quality of the abstract and financial need into account in the first instance, and also length of NZPSA membership in deciding with the UKPSA amongst applicants.

Past PSA Award Recipients

UKPSA 2015 recipient: Paul Kramer (Auckland)

APSA 2014 recipients: Chandra Lal Pandey (Waikato)

UKPSA 2014 recipients: Todd Croad (Otago) and Darren Atkinson (Otago)

APSA 2013 recipients: Eran Zohar (Otago) and Chin-Kuie Tsui (Otago)

UKPSA 2013 recipients: Ashley Murchison (Otago) and Ibukinle Adeakin (Waikato)

UKPSA 2012 recipients: Ana Gilling (Victoria University Wellington) and Edward Elder (Auckland)

UKPSA 2011 recipient: David Lindsey (Auckland)

CPSA 2011 recipients: Emma Blomkamp (Auckland) and Ibikunle Adeakin (Waikato)

APSA 2010 recipient: Bryce Edwards (Otago)

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