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The Environmental Policy and Politics Network (EPPN) was created in 2012 to provide a platform for those with an interest in environmental politics/policy to discuss themes and matters of common interest.

The functions of the Environment Policy and Politics Network are as follows:

  • To provide a platform for exchange between those who have an interest in environmental politics/policy, possibly through an email/discussion list
  • To invite, initiate and organise contributions on environmental politics/policy at the NZPSA conferences
  • To facilitate research co-operation on topics in the area of environmental politics/policy
  • To award an annual prize for students for the best postgraduate paper written on a topic in environmental politics/policy. See nzpsa.com/prizes for more information.  


The establishment of the Network follows the discontinuation of the Australasian Ecopolitics Association, the conduit for the organisation of Ecopolitics conferences in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, and the creation of similar group in the Australian Political Science Association.

Regular Activities

The EPPN postgraduate prize is awarded annually for the best environmental politics/policy paper presented at the annual NZPSA/TKTToA conference. The aim of the prize is to stimulate and recognize the work of excellent postgraduate researchers working on issues of environmental policy, political ecology, environmental governance and justice. 

Upcoming Events

The Environmental Politics and Policy Network is responsible for organising a plenary panel on climate change politics and policy at the 2022 NZPSA/TKTToA Conference. Lisa Ellis, David Hall, Nevada Huaki-Foote, and Bronwyn Hayward will present at the plenary panel, Climate Change Politics, Communication and Policy: Where to Next?

Past Events and Initiatives

The EPPN hosted a virtual workshop on December 10 in 2020, with the theme: Environmental transitions: Politics, governance and discourses. The workshop was split into four sessions that explored different aspects of environmental transitions:

    • Transitioning to climate stabilisation - institutional & discourse analyses
    • Environmental transitions - governance and academic challenges
    • Teaching innovations, pedagogical challenges
    • Presentations, discussions with PhD and Master students


A special issue on environmental politics in Political Science titled “Transitioning to environmental sustainability: politics, institutions, discourses, economic visions," edited by Valentina Dinica, was published in 2022.

Articles were based on a number of presentations made at the virtual workshop, Environmental transitions: Politics, governance and discourses, in 2020. 


The network is mainly aimed at academics, research professionals and postgraduate students. Undergraduate students with an interest in environmental politics and policy are welcome.

If you’d like to join the network and have your details listed on this page, please contact the Network Convenor, Professor Priya Kurian.

Dr. Sam Crawley, Victoria University of Wellington
Dr. Raven Cretney, University of Waikato

Dr. Flavia Donadelli, Victoria University of Wellington

Professor Lisa Ellis, University of Otago

Dr. Patrick Flamm, Victoria University of Wellington

Dr. David Hall, Auckland University of Technology

Professor Bronwyn Hayward, University of Canterbury

Professor Janine Hayward, University of Otago

Dr. Olli Hellmann, University of Waikato

Dr. Karen Hytten, Massey University

Professor Priya Kurian, University of Waikato

Associate Professor Julie MacArthur, Royal Roads University

Dr. Sylvia Nissen, University of Lincoln

Associate Professor Jane Verbitsky, Auckland University of Technology

Barbara Bedeschi-Lewando, Victoria University of Wellington

Jacqui Dixon, University of Waikato

Will Dreyer, Victoria University of Wellington

Cathrine Dyer, University of Auckland

Shannon Hodge, University of Waikato

Daniel Mason, University of Waikato

Megan Smith, University of Waikato

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